CBD for Pets


All species of animals with backbones have endocannabinoid systems. That means that nearly any pet you have, from horses to dogs to birds, can benefit from CBD. Understandably, many pet-owners are looking for ways to improve their animal friend’s overall wellness without expensive vet appointments and pharmaceuticals that have severe side effects.

As is often the story with CBD related issues, there is not much specific research on the effect of CBD on non-human species. However, that doesn’t mean CBD can’t be an effective therapy for your furry friend though. There is much anecdotal evidence that shows a strong correlation between CBD and hugely beneficial responses from pets.

At a dramatically increasing rate, veterinarians are recommending CBD to their patients and even selling CBD supplements in their office. In addition, many CBD product manufacturers are offering CBD products formulated specifically for pets. Some are flavored like bacon while others contain Omega 3 fats for your dog’s coat!

After researching this topic extensively, we cannot find any credible information that suggest CBD might not be a good thing for your pet. In fact, after evaluating all the evidence, we believe that CBD can be beneficial for your pets. As with all CBD products, we’ve come to believe that the quality of the individual product itself is a huge determinant in how safe and effective the product is. For that reason, we’ve curated a special ‘Pets’ menu chock full of products tailored to your little buddy.

How to Use:

As with CBD products formulated for humans, there are different methods of consumption for pets. We would highly recommend sticking to ingestible and to a lesser degree, topical products. The most often purchased and used pet product is oil that one can drip over their pets food for easy use. We recommend dosing your pet at 1/2mg per lb of bodyweight per day. Again, no harm will come from using too much CBD, so increase your pet’s dosage as you and your veterinarian see fit.